Yale Daily News: Racism in soccer

Racism in soccer

According to this article nothing is really being done to do anything about racism in soccer.  The author provides an example when he speaks about Louis Suarez who was accused of abusing Patrice Evra with racist comments.  A week later Suarez’s teammates warmed up before a game with shirts supporting Louis Suarez.  This is absolutely absurd and embarrassing for the team.  The media thankfully did the right thing in this situation and portrayed this as a stupid thing for the team to do after Suarez was clearly punished for making racist comments.  The media has not done a good job portraying racism in Spanish soccer.  It is constantly going on and has even forced players to leave the country, but not many people know that is the reason because the media hasn’t portrayed it that way.  This example about Italy’s black striker, Mario Balotelli, is probably the best example of the media provoking racism in the soccer world, “Before playing against England in the quarterfinals of the Euros this past summer, Balotelli appeared in an Italian sports newspaper as the cartoon character King Kong climbing on Big Ben.”  And that wasn’t all, another example from the newspaper is as follows, “The day after scoring two beautiful goals in their scintillating semifinal victory over Germany, Balotelli appeared on the front page of another Italian sports paper under the headline, “We made them black!” The comment was a pun on bruising the opposition, but also, of course, on the color of Balotelli’s skin.”

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